Working with the genome of non-model organism in R Bioconductor

GenomicFeatures and BSgenome are two widely used packages for genomic data analysis in R Bioconductor. They have variety of functions to work with genome features. Unfortunately, there are only a limited species you can work with BSgenome.

Download CSV into R Studio from Github

You can use “readr” package to download CSV file and R data file from the github. Steps Go to the github repository link where you have the CSV file

Shiny App for Designing Primers for DNA Cloning

Cloning is one of the most widely used tool in molecular biology. Cloning primers typically contain target sequence and restriction site as overhang. Designing these primers manually can be time consuming and chances of errors are high.

Virus Growth Curve Generator App

I designed this Shiny app to generate growth curves. This app is based on ggplot and dplyr functions.You can try by downloading sample data here.Codes are available on my Github.

Creating 96-Well Plates in R

This week I did some virus neutralization test and I was wondering if there is any way to show the results in 96-well plate format. I was trying to find if there is any R package that can do this.